The revolutionary new
skin closure modality

The INSORB Absorbable Stapler is a patented skin closure
technology that places a proprietary absorbable staple entirely
underneath the skin.

As fast as metal stapler

Eliminates percutaneous insult

Eliminates metal staple removal

Low maintenance wounds

Eliminates needlesticks

INSORB Staples are
placed entirely underneath
the skin eliminating
needless punctures and are absorbed within months

INSORB Absorbable
Subcuticular Skin Staples
Percutaneous Metal
Skin Staples

At Surgery

At 1 Week
(midline incision)

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Patient-Centric ‚óŹ Cost-Effective

"Our results suggest that the use of subcuticular absorbable staples for skin closure at the time of cesarean section may lead to less in-hospital analgesic use...the decreased use of [IV administered Toradol] associated with absorbable staples would result in a cost savings of approximately $200 per patient even after considering the higher cost of the absorbable staple device."

Frost & Sullivan Commends Incisive Surgical for Delivering Superior Customer Value through its Patient-Centric, Cost-Effective INSORB Absorbable Stapler

Winner of the 2006 Technology
Innovation Award in the Medical
Devices Category

Named to the 2007 R&D
100 Awards recognizing
Technological Innovation

Recognized as One of the
2006 Top 50 Medical
Device Companies to Watch

US Patent Nos. 6726705, 7112214, 7547315, 7686200, 7950559, 8066736, 8074857, 8821517, D635259. Japanese Patent Nos. 4437317, 4786902.
Additional Patents Pending.